sharpening the mind with words


His nature knew no filt.

Perfection being betrayed by affection drew the lines for mortal destruction.

12 pieces was the bargain, a kiss of identification whistled the birth of salvation.

Captured by carriers of swords and staves was a divine son of valour who hoisted

the flag of love and forgiveness instead.


Tried and judged by His creatures, guilty He was found of nothing,

Cursed by the mouths He once fed, bruised by the hands He once led, Hearts

erased of the needs He once met. With love He bore the pain in our stead.


Destined to pay the prize we bargained for. Beaten for something He knew nothing of.

The fury palms of the trained bounced in Him, claws of angry whips dug beneath His flesh, battered beyond recognition was the saviour of all nations.


Betrayal bit His tongue with His teeth, thrice denial poked His eyes with His own finger.

The one who is the beginning and the end submitted to destiny that He might put an end For a new beginning.

Like a sheep He was led to the slaughter that our cries could win ¬†tickets to His father’s alter.

Chances of escape He overlooked that we might be free from the hook.

Yet we keep swimming towards the bait.


How long shall these be?

How long shall we keep dancing to this rythm of noise,

How long shall we keep smoking the truth and swallowing vanity,

How long shall we keep sucking the marrow of the pharesees,

Scavenging the corpse of hypocrisy when His body,

He has freely given for liberation unto salvation. This is reality.


All we need do is stop keeping track of Shadows and permit

the wind of conviction blow open the windows of our hearts that

His light will find solace in the dark areas of our lives.

Only then shall we know the truth that was never told.


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