Of course this is the 21st century when nature is slowly forced into obituary

Human race has slow danced into an age of speed yet our hearts beats

Too slow for the God who spins the galaxies into existence.

We’ve lost much more than meet our imagination

I look around and I ask:

Where are the times when integrity partitioned the chambers of a man’s heart?

Where are the ladies, whose moral beauty shames the altars of indecency?

We’ve sculpted ourselves with something different from dust, yet

Our lungs yearn for that breath, that divine oxygen which  only binds to clay.

We are but living corpse of ourselves, buried within the shackles of sin and guilt,

Forgetting about the redeeming power of the voice that screamed

Lazarus from the grave.

Yes, we have erred from the air that taught our lungs how to breath,

We have strayed from the hands that led us on Eden streets,

We have allowed our eyes lead our hearts to deceit,

subjecting ourselves to the mouth-watering fruit

Of a tree we are asked to flee

History can be terminated if only we lay bare at his call,

Because even these leaves cannot cover the shame

Caused by their evil fruit.