It amazes me how some physical principles relate to our everyday life. There are unlimited life lessons one can draw from our everyday experience. Unfortunately, we often are too busy to notice these principles. Paul was not wrong when he said “According as His divine power, hath given us all that pertain unto life and godliness….” [2 Peter 1:3a]. God truly has given us all we need to succeed in life. What is left is for us to explore and discover these mysteries.

You must not be a core science student to have come across the concept of “work done” in physics. Well, for those who have no idea, let us define the concept to our understanding. Work done is defined as the product of force and distance moved in the direction of that force. In other words, work is only done when a force moves some distance in the direction of that force. So the three main parameters here are force, distance and direction.

Someone may ask, “does it mean that if the distance achieved is not in the direction of the force, work is not done”? The answer is absolute “YES”. Now, how does this relate to our lives?

As destiny minded people who have a vision in our mind’s eyes, there are some things we really want to achieve in life. Some of us want to be an extra-ordinary doctor, Some wants to be a renowned motivational speaker,  Some wants to be ministers and preachers of the Gospel, to mention but a few. Our vision is the force in this equation.

Since we have a mission to accomplish with our lives here on earth (force), are we working towards accomplishing this mission? (distance). It is not enough having a dream. What are the steps you are taking to accomplish that dream. It is never too early to take a step. In the “work done” concept in physics, the three parameters (force, distance and direction) takes place simultaneously. As a matter of fact, necessary steps are to be taken the moment you realize your mission. The earlier you start working towards your dream, the more you will accomplish in your lifetime. Time waits for no man. You can never regain the time you’ve lost. Also, it is never too late to start working towards your dream. Stop dreaming today. Wake up and start working!

We have discussed the first two parameters: force and distance. Now, how does direction come into the equation?

There is a popular saying that “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step”. I do not totally agree with that dictum. A step can be in any direction; It can be in a direction that is contrary to your destination. It is very possible to take a wrong step towards your destination, thinking you are on the right track. Inasmuch as taking a step is essential, without the right direction, it is futile; you will just end up wasting energy and time.

As believers we can only be sure of going the right direction if our steps are aligned with the Kingdom principles (the Word of God). Often times we humans seek shortcuts to success. This is not the best. If you seek shortcuts, your dreams might be cut short. There is nothing as rewarding as achieving your goal without compromising. We must have this mindset of paying the prize for success. It is not easy, that I know. But if it were easy, you wouldn’t want it because everyone would have it. God didn’t say the road will be easy but he said “be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the Lord your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave nor forsake you.” [Deut. 31:6].

This can also be likened to a bicycle. A bicycle has a front wheel and a back wheel. The force applied on the pedal is relayed, via the chain, to the back wheel. This causes a rotational motion on the back wheel which in turn causes the front wheel to move. This whole motion causes the bicycle to move a distance. But, moving a distance is not enough. Where is the movement directed to? Is it directed to the desired destination? This is where the front wheel comes in. The front wheel directs the whole bicycle. The force applied to the back wheel, which in turn causes motion, is being directed by the front wheel.

What have you decided to make your front wheel? Is your front tyre inflated by the breath of God’s word? Is your front wheel fitted with the spokes of Kingdom Principles? Believe it or not, this is the only way you can cycle past the ditches of life.

There is nothing as rewarding as following God’s direction in anything. This is where the ministry of the Holy Spirit plays a major role. When you are directed by God’s word, you can never miss track. No matter how “out of it” God’s method may seem, never compromise. Keep obeying and trusting God; the end will justify the means.