Have we ever felt like our role in an organization is not making any difference? Have we ever wanted a role that will make us attracted to the spotlight? Have we ever wanted to be the main figure or character in an event? Yes, we have. Most of us have craved for these positions in one way or the other. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be a “major character in a play”.

I read about a story of a group of choristers in a practice session. There were different instruments playing at the top of their tones, giving soul soothing rhythm to the song. Amongst these gifted instrumentalists was the piccolo player, who in the course of playing, could hardly hear the sound of his piccolo. This was because the sound of other instruments seemed to shield the subtle rhythm from his piccolo, though she was playing her loudest. Discouraged, she stopped playing because he felt he was not making any difference to the music. Few seconds after she stopped, the choir master stopped the practice and screamed “where is the piccolo?”

Poor piccolo player never knew the difference he was making. Poor piccolo player felt intimidated by her role. Poor piccolo player never knew she was the needed part that makes the whole.

What is that role that is making you feel that your contribution is of no effect? What is that thing God has called you to do that you feel is not significant? Remember, the piccolo player never knew her importance. Yet, her absence was noticed and this caused the whole practice section to come to a halt. Keep doing what you are doing. You may not know the difference you are making. The piccolo player never knew she was making a difference. Her contribution was noticed by the choir master. No matter what, there is someone out there whose ears are tuned to you piccolo.

I would also love you to take note of the fact that whatsoever God calls you to do, He has beforetime given you the ability to do just that; no matter how insignificant it might be to you. All you should worry about is doing your best to achieve that purpose. God rewards in percentage not in quantity. We are not all created equal. Though we are equal in regard to talents; equality shows up in the fact that it took the “two talents” servant to produce two more as much as it took the “five talents” servant to produce five more. Remember, God gave each of them according to their ability  (Mathew 25:15).

For example, God gives Mr. A five plots of land to clear and gives Mr. B fifty plots of land to do the same. if Mr. A goes ahead to clear four out of the five plots of land and Mr. B clears thirty out of the fifty plots of land, Mr. A will have a greater reward than Mr. B. This might seem unfair but it is not. They both have different abilities. The measurement of success is simply the ratio of talent used to talent received.

God always gives us everything we need to do what he has called us to do. What we should think about is how to use that talent God has given us, to move the body of Christ forward. Remember, …….God set the members every one of them in the body, as it hath pleased him (1 Cor. 12:18). If the nose were to be the mouth, where will our sense of smell be? Function in your area of calling. Don’t long to be someone God has not called you to be, no matter how good and justifiable the position is. God has a reason for fixing you in that niche. Learn to operate in your area of anointing.

Never stop playing your piccolo, no matter how loud the trumpets may sound.