I don’t care if the rain dries your world and the sun wets your ground.

I don’t care if your convictions are tagged “weird” and your personality

Stains the crowd.

I don’t care if the way you dress triggers the rest to laugh out loud –

Oh c’mon! it is a privilege to make people laugh, for crying out loud.


I don’t care if your words wrestles with your tongue,

I don’t care if no one says “hi” to you for so long,

I don’t care if your confidence has quit being strong,

And low self esteem matches in with a soothing song

But please never dance to the rhythm to the devil’s gong.


The “U” in Y.O.U makes you as unique as the unicorn,

Fitted with a horn of difference in the midst of white stallions.

Your actions may not applauded with facebook likes and comments,

but never stop being your best even when your shadow remains your only audience.

I know there is a war going on within the boundaries of the psych world,

Missiles of lust quaking pillars of convictions,

Bullets of hate triggered by the gentle touch of jealous fingers,

But please let’s be weak enough to hold on strong because

the greatest victory is victory over self.


Please do not align with the tide, for the

Lines are falling for you in pleasant places.

Refuse to be unequally yoked with the crowd.

Turn deaf to their synonymous shouts and let your difference speak out loud.

Tragedy is trying to be someone else, not realizing how

different you are from everyone else.

In our vague quest for self-establishment,

we get so drunk into what we want to be,

That we run this race, loosing track of who we are meant to be.


But please, let us stick to this truth of who you really are:

In you is an emblem of uniqueness,

Lurking within those rocks of weaknesses

Are springs of untamed strengths,

longing to be discovered by purpose.

You don’t need an Apostle to add an apostrophe

To your “impossible” before you say “I’m possible!”

Remain the “U” in YOU!